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My Garden Tea Party Bridal Shower

Holy cow. It's kind of funny that I started this blog shortly after getting engaged because I thought it would be fun to document the wedding-planning process (and share some fashion along the way), and here we almost ONE MONTH until the big day and I haven't been on here in ages. And by ages I mean the last time I published a post there was snow on the ground.... yikes.

Truthfully I just haven't been in a creative mindset recently! I've had some big changes at work that have kept me really busy, and blogging kind of felt like it would be a chore rather than a release for a while. But I'm just too excited that our wedding is FINALLY almost here, and I know that I'll want to share our big moments— starting with the beautiful bridal shower that my sister hosted for me in June!

Initially, my shower was set to be held in a gorrrrrgeous tea room in Newburyport that is outfitted with pink velvet furniture and clad with vintage-inspired artwork on the wall. Talk about a blogger's paradise. But, when my mom and sister were confirming details with the venue back in... March maybe? they informed us that they weren't going to be opening that room back up just yet due to COVID and they would need to cancel my shower. I was pretty bummed, but my sister quickly offered up her beautiful house in Maine, and I knew that she would turn it into the garden tea party of my dreams. And I was SO right.

Because invites went out around April/May and we still weren't really sure how things would look from a pandemic standpoint, or how my loved ones would feel about a larger gathering, we kept the in-person shower pretty small with just the two moms, my bridesmaids, two of my grandmas, and my sweet aunt and cousin who were each able to drive one of my grandmas up to Maine. Shortly after arriving at Kelly's, we all hopped on Zoom to say a quick hello and toast with many more of mine and Les's friends, aunts, and cousins... all of the most important women in our lives. One of my favorite elements: when each virtual guest received their invitation to the shower it was accompanied by a mini bottle of champagne so that they could join in on the toast! Even though the online part of my shower was pretty short and sweet, it meant so much to me that so many people took the time out of their day to help me celebrate. I could feel all of their love and well-wishes from afar!

After we logged off of Zoom we had the most splendid, regal, and scrumptious brunch prepared by Kelly and her mother-in-law, Maryann. I was treated to all of the elements of a real high tea: homemade scones, clotted cream, jam, finger sandwiches, berries, and mints. My mom, Kelly, her husband, and her in-laws worked so hard to set the most beautiful table under a shaded tent right in her backyard garden. It was so picturesque and everything I could have ever hoped for.

Everything was so very me. There were peonies EVERYWHERE, fresh from my sister's garden and her husband's grandmother's garden as well. My sister had picked out fascinators and lace gloves, and my mom brought blush table cloths. And... you guys. These champagne flutes. If you've read my blog for any length of time you might know that Les and I had a custom monogram designed for our wedding, and I'm SO excited to use it anywhere I can. Well, my sweet bridesmaid Ashley made these champagne flutes for our mimosas at the shower. I absolutely adore them. They're such a special and thoughtful keepsake!

Speaking of special keepsakes, my sister bought me a beautiful cookbook from my registry, The Newlywed Table, and used it as a guest book at the shower! Each guest in attendance went through and picked a recipe page on which to write a little note to me. Talk about something I will absolutely treasure forever. I just picture myself pulling this cookbook out YEARS from now and being delighted by a few words from a special woman in my life as I land on a recipe to make for Les and I... like this gingerbread cookie recipe that my Grandma Bev signed.

Lastly, how cute are the favors below? My mom and future MIL each gathered vintage tea cups and saucers over the months leading up to the shower and when my mom showed them to me a few weeks before, I picked one out for each guest that I thought suited them best!

Honestly, I'm so, so glad that our original venue canceled on us. This was so much more intimate, relaxing, and just the perfect day that left me feeling truly showered with love. It was also so fun having a few of my bridesmaids finally meet one another, especially ahead of my bachelorette weekend!

Thank you again to just the most incredible group of women who made me feel so special from near and far.

P.S. If you're wondering, I wore the Ellie Nap Dress from Hill House (IYKYK) and these espadrilles from Soludos! Both are so lightweight and comfy, and my dress felt perfect for this garden-going bride. I'm on my second nap dress now from Hill House (this white one and the same stye in navy) and I've been living in them all summer. In fact, this same dress found its way onto my bachelorette trip (more on that soon!!) with my favorite rattan belt for a more fitted look. I'll be oh so sad when my bridal fashion days are over.

P.P.S. Use my referral link for $20 off from Hill House!

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