My Bachelorette: Nantucket

Good morning from my best gal pals and I! If you missed part one of my Bachelorette Weekend recap and our day on Cape Cod you can find it here. And now we're on to day two and a place I had never been before but always wanted to visit! Here we go...

Our morning started lazily with some bagels for breakfast and recapping of our night before. After everyone felt fully awake, we got ready for the day ahead: a ferry trip to Nantucket! Right before we left, we assembled for a self-timer group photo, which may or may not have been the reason that we would soon find ourselves sprinting for the ferry.... But, after a thirty minute drive from Mashpee to Hyannis and a brisk jog from the parking lot to the ferry terminal, we made it just in time. I know my sweet sister, matron of honor, and the weekend's coordinator was relieved (and definitely earned the drink she's pictured with below!)

Anyways, a quick one hour ferry ride later we were on Nantucket! First stop? BRUNCH. We walked right off the ferry and into downtown to our first destination: Or, The Whale (MOH knows me so well that she chose a restaurant with a literary reference for a name... anyone know it?). We had the most charming waiter named Cooper—a college student from Colorado spending his summer on Nantucket. What a life! We accidentally spent a good two and a half hours at the restaurant but it was well worth it.

All smiles while we waited for our french fries and wings for the table... we worked up an appetite doing karaoke the night before!

Ashley, Kiersten, Hannah & Allison

Melody, Sarah, Madison, Emily & Caroline

These two... so chic.

After watching us struggle with a selfie, sweet Cooper came over for a group photo. He crushed it.

Cheers to brunch cocktails and the day of shopping we had ahead of us! If you're visiting Nantucket and looking for a dreamy outdoor spot, I highly recommend Or, The Whale! The back patio was so beautiful and the food was delicious— our group enjoyed the gyros, burgers, salads, and bowls. And of course the aforementioned fries and wings.

Over the next few hours we bopped in and out of all the downtown shops, scoping out sweatshirts and souvenirs. I, myself, came home with a beautiful Nantucket blanket, a few t-shirts for Les, and a sweatshirt for myself! The "dress code," if you will, for the day was bright colors and these girls nailed it. We were like a walking rainbow and I loved it.

And here was my outfit for the day! My bride bag that had been waiting two years for this moment, this gorgeous embroidered dress (with pockets!) from Tuckernuck that I ordered just days before the trip, and my favorite platform sandals from Steve Madden (they're sold out but these are similar). Oh, and of course every bride needs a sash!

I was between these shoes and my Tory Burch Miller sandals for the day-trip, but the ones I'm wearing are truly so comfortable that I knew I'd be more than fine in them—although to be fair I didn't anticipate having to run to the ferry! As a back-up, I was able to just sneak my Millers into my bag and I changed into those just before we boarded the ferry home. I also absolutely adored my dress and already have plans to wear it to one of our post-wedding events, and to pack it for our honeymoon. It's sold out already, but keep an eye out for restocks!

My matron of honor and two of my beautiful bridesmaids! Isn't it so cool when people from different parts of your life come together? Honestly my heart was WARMED.

I can always count on my dear friend Melody, my blogger partner-in-crime, to pose me for a photo op. Can you spot her in the mirror on the right?

Ok... deep breaths for what I'm about to share next. I've posted about her blog on here before, but I have been following Mix and Match Mama Shay Shull's blog for a good eight years. I stumbled upon it after her brother, Sean Lowe from the Bachelor (!!) shared it on Instagram one time. She's a cook-book author, avid reader, world-traveler, fashion aficionado (often partnering with Nordstrom which you know is a second home to me) and she has the sweetest family of six. I love to read her book reviews, pin her recipes, and just follow along with her family's life in McKinney, Texas!

Now, I knew she was on Nantucket that weekend because she had been positing on social media, and despite my friends encouraging me to reach out to her I held back because I didn't want to bug her on her family's vacation. But... just before we were about to leave downtown we had all kind of split up for a minute... some girls were looking for a coffee, some were holding our spot in line for the shuttle we were about to get on, and myself and two other girls decided to wander over to just one or two more shops. I was walking by myself down the sidewalk and who is walking right toward me? Shay, her husband Andrew, and their four kids, Kensington, Smith, Ashby, and Madeley.

I. was. speechless. I must have looked at her with my mouth wide open and just quietly said ".....Shay?!" My Nantucket bucket list for the day was complete. It was just so, so wild to see someone in person who you have followed along with from a distance for almost a decade. I have been following their family's journey since they were a family of four and there was so much I wanted to say to her kids too but I definitely didn't want to startle them. What I can say is that Shay is absolutely as sweet as she seems on her blog, and Andrew too! He reached right out to shake my hand and introduce himself and she gave me the biggest hug, and both of them asked all about the wedding. It was just.... a dream. She really took the time to speak to me, pose for a photo, and told me how much she appreciated me following her blog. It made my heart really happy. And it kind of shows you that there are just really nice people all over this world that you can feel connected to even from a distance. I couldn't stop gushing, and all of my friends were SO thrilled for me and a bunch of them went right to Instagram to follow her. She's just a wonderful human. Ok fan girl moment over. :)

So, next on our agenda? Heading out to Cisco Brewery! Here we are waiting for the free shuttle that takes visitors from downtown out to the brewery. Full disclosure.... we did not love it there. I kind of knew right when I walked in that it wasn't going to be my scene. I do LOVE a good brewery and it was such a good concept... beer, live music, and a bunch of food trucks, but it was SO crowded. We really didn't have space to put our drinks down, let alone sit, and we were pretty beat from walking around all day.

We hung around for a little bit, enjoyed our beers and the music, and then I made an executive decision to head back downtown. Which honestly turned out to be exactly what we needed.

But first, some group photos!


Happy to be waiting outside the crowd for an Uber back downtown! So when we were deciding what to do next, my bridesmaid Hannah (pictured here in a darling red top that I gave her) suggested a bar/restaurant that she had been to a few times when she had visited friends on Nantucket— Rose and Crown. She said that it just always has a way of "delivering." She was SO right.

Our group had to separate since there were 11 of us, but they were able to seat one half of us at one end of the patio, and the other half all the way on the other end. We were so hungry by then and everyone was just having a great time that it didn't even matter. There was also live music inside the restaurant filtering out on to the patio, the weather was sublime, and we loved watching people go by on the street. And then, at one point, the other girls sent our table shots from all the way across the patio... bless them. We each had great servers, and honestly the food was spectacular. My table ordered nachos and pretzel twists as soon as we sat down, and then I enjoyed a grilled veggie sandwich. Just like Hannah said it would, Rose and Crown delivered.

After dinner, one half of our Super Hang ordered another round of drinks, and the other half went for ice cream at the famous Juice Bar, known for their home-made waffle cones...I'll let you guess which group I was in :).

Not wanting a repeat of our morning workout, we made our way over nice and early to the ferry terminal right down the street and snapped a few more pictures as the sun set! This girl right here (a fellow bride-to-be!) helped make the weekend everything I could have hoped for.

And so did my three (!) sisters! We waited for a little while in line at the ferry terminal—and may have broken out into a group sing-along of the Hamilton soundtrack—before getting on board around 8:45pm.

After our drive back to Mashpee from Hyannis, we hung out a little bit longer at the house before we all crashed from the night before and a long day wandering Nantucket. I didn't think there was any way to top day one, but day two was just as perfect. I had never been to Nantucket before and my sister and friends knew how badly I wanted to go and they delivered. I already can't wait to go back!

One last shot with #shesaidLes before we packed everything up on Sunday morning! I brought these balloons back home with me and am waiting to see how long they make it before Les begs me to deflate them...and to recycle all of his little face cut outs, hah!

And of course, I had to show off my darling denim jacket that Ashley made for me. How cute is that? My dress is a few years old but this dress is similar. My beloved sunhat is here and my jacket is here!

Thank you to the best friends a girl could ask for for helping me celebrate in the most special way. I'll never forget this weekend and I'll cherish the memories (and this group of girls) forever. Only 30 (!!!) days until we reunite for the wedding and I officially become Mrs. Kernan!


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