Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Happy Friday! I knew that if I did a traditional Friday Favorites list today, it would have been over-loaded with my new favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So I thought that I might as well go all-out! I'm only waiting on one more thing to come in the mail (this suede moto jacket), but everything else I got has come in, been tried on, and been sorted into either my closet or my car to return, and I'm excited to share everything! But before we get to that, did you see my posts earlier this week? On Monday I shared a few fun updates we made to our patio, and on Wednesday I featured a jumpsuit that is sure to win some compliments.

Ok, so let's talk Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I think with this sale there are a couple of reasons and ways to shop it: 1) getting a good deal on something you plan to buy later in the fall anyways, 2) being able to splurge on a high-quality item you wouldn't necessarily buy full-price, and then my favorite 3) using this carefully curated sale to see what will be trending this fall and maybe push yourself outside of the style box a little! Because there are a limited number of items in the sale (albeit a few thousand) I always page through everything in a way I would never do on an entire store's website. This means I end up seeing and paying attention to pieces that I might not ordinarily seek out or try on. That was the case with the first sweater I'll show, and what might be my favorite find from the sale.

Also, a few of the things I bought are out of stock right now, but if you see something you love keep checking back! Some things will be restocked when the sale opens to the public on August 19, and some things will also come back as cardmembers make returns.

And, real quick, a note about my denim. I didn't buy any jeans this year (blue or black) so the ones I've linked to below aren't my exact pairs, but they're great offerings from the sale. Ok on to what I bought!

I'm not sure I would have picked this sweater up if I walked by it in a store, but something made me add to it my cart, and I'm SO glad I did. I loved it as soon as I put it on. Bell sleeves were pretty big the past two years, and now I think we're moving into more of this balloon sleeve. It adds just the right amount of flair along with the hint of a wrap-detail across the front. The fabric is really high-quality and it's on the thicker side for colder weather. I find that it runs maybe a tad big, so I'm in an X-Small here. I love it with jeans, but even more so with this suede mini skirt from BLANKNYC.

I bought this same skirt last year in a grey color and I wear it all the time with both riding boots and short booties, so I was really happy to see that it was back in new colors! In both last and this year's skirt I did have to size up from what I would normally be in jeans. The last sale piece I'm sporting here are these Steve Madden pointed toe booties. They were one of the first things I picked up this year (alongside the white croc version below) and I adore them. But, I ended up finding a similar pair from a different designer that I liked better for a few reasons (more on those in a bit) so these are in the return pile. If you do buy them though, definitely go up half a size.

White. Croc. Pointed-toe boots. AH! How stylish are these?! I was, I think, most excited about these shoes when I first previewed the sale. The rest of my look is made up of pieces I already owned, but you can pretty much replicate it right from the sale (including this amazing Tory Burch tote). Anyways, back to the boots. Oh how I wanted to love them... and in theory I do. But I just don't think I'd wear them enough to justify keeping them especially in New England where once the temperature allows for a closed-toe shoe, it's snowing. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but I just don't think these make sense in my closet. Bummer!!

Without fail, long cardigans are always a staple in the Anniversary Sale. One of the most popular and often sold-out brands is Barefoot Dreams, but there are a ton of other great choices. Coincidentally, the exact one I'm wearing from Halogen also sold out pretty early on, but I linked to some similar options. I love a long sweater on the weekends, and even with a black or green skinny jean for a more casual day at work!

So next to the white croc booties, I was most excited to try these Sam Edelman suede boots. Although that being said, I had all but convinced myself they weren't going to work for me. I usually opt for a traditional leather riding boot and have actually never met a tall suede boot I liked... until these. Slouchy suede boots are kind of a pet peeve of mine, but these have just the right amount of structure. And how trendy is the block heel?! I tried these on with jeans, some dresses, and skirts, and I am SO ready for the first fall day when I can wear them. P.S. I always size up from 6.5 to 7 in a tall boot so I can fit a thicker sock.

My sweater is Nordstrom Signature Cashmere from a few years back, but there's a beautiful turtleneck version in this year's sale!

A little Sandy-from-Grease-get-up, anyone? I joked on Instagram that I felt more like Ross from Friends when I tried on these faux-leather Spanx leggings because it was 98° out (anyone remember that episode?). These have been a popular item in this sale for a few years now, but I never went for them. This year I finally decided to give them a try, and I am loving them for a night-out! They're more matte than shiny despite how they photograph, and they kind of let you achieve a dressed-up look when all you really want to do is wear leggings. That said, I tried both the Small and Medium and am definitely opting for the Medium so I don't lose circulation. :)

My headband, quilted (faux) leather jacket, tank, and purse are all oldies, but how cute is this jacket and this little black bag?! And, ugh, the Steve Madden booties do look darling here, but I can't possibly keep these when I'm keeping this next pair.

And here they are! I'm laughing because you really can't tell the difference between these two pairs of booties in any of my outfit photos. They're nearly identical, except for the sides. The Steve Maddens have a stylish slit (see my last outfit photo), while these Marc Fisher ones have a gored detailing. So here's why I'm keeping the Marc Fishers: both are pull-on (as opposed to having a zipper), and the Steve Maddens were just a littttttle too hard to get on and off, even though I sized up from 6.5 to a 7. I also found the Marc Fishers to be a tad more comfortable, and I like that I don't have to worry about my socks showing in these at all. Someone in a warmer climate might be able to get away with lightweight no-show socks for the Steve Maddens because of the low slit, but here in MA I need a full-on sock. P.S. I also recommend going up a half size in the Marc Fishers.

So these booties are definitely for keeps, but unfortunately the sweater I have on here is going back. And not because I don't love it it might be the softest thing I've ever felt, and I love the color-blocking. But I ended up ordering a Small in this and I really needed the X-Small. It's just too big in the shoulders on me! It's out of stock now, but I'm keeping my eye out so I can size down.

Same thing goes for this sweater; I ordered both the white and yellow in Small and I should have gone with X-Small. I'm returning the yellow because I didn't fall in love with this style enough to keep both, but I ordered the white in a size down. I do really like the high-low cut of it with jeans, and it's one of the few sweaters I've found that looks just as flattering untucked as it does in a half-tuck. And there's those booties I'm keeping again!

The last thing I wanted to share are my Hunter rain-boots! I originally bought mine last year, but a certain little dachshund might have chewed through one of them. So was I THRILLED to see them back this year! They're so worth it, in my opinion. The color is this really cool slate grey, almost blue tone that goes with everything, and they have a quilted lining on the inside so they are a lot warmer than your typical (even Hunter) rain-boot. I also really like that they're a little shorter than most rain-boots so they don't feel as overwhelming to walk around in. And if they still aren't short enough for you, there's this pair! P.S. this year's version of my Barbour rain-jacket is here, but it's currently sold out. Ok speaking of Barbour, and last but not least...

...a round of applause for my incredibly handsome future husband, Les! He may have made a bit of a joke out of modeling for me, but all and all he was a good sport. Ok so these are his picks from the sale! As I mentioned before, two good strategies for shopping the Anniversary Sale are to look for items you wouldn't necessarily splurge full-price on, but also to look for things you might be buying anyways and save some money! The Patagonia zip-up was the latter for Les. He was in need of a new one after his jacket got pretty worn out (he had it all through college) and because he'll be working from home for the foreseeable future, he plans to pretty much live in this.

The two Barbour pieces (this vest and jacket) were the two things he bought in last year's sale, and he lived in both of them all fall and winter. In the winter he wears a vest almost every day into his office (he works in finance where an extensive vest collection is a prerequisite... just kidding) and this one is a great deal during the sale.

And that's a wrap! A little fall fashion is the perfect pick-me-up with this next month looking not at all how we thought it would (we're now only three weeks away from what would have been our wedding). But I'm hoping we can still fit in some of the classics this season like pumpkin picking and fresh apple cider at one of our favorite farms. At the very least, you can be sure you'll find me in some of my new cozy sweaters watching Hocus Pocus with Les. :)

I'll post that suede moto jacket when it comes in on my Instagram so be sure to check back and give me a follow there! I'm curious what others were shopping too, so leave a comment with your favorite find!!


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