One Year to Go (Again): Part I

Hi friends! How has everyone been? I accidentally took three weeks off from the blog, but I'm back! It started because work has been a littttle crazy, and then we took a much-needed get-away over Labor Day weekend until last Wednesday. We're back home, back into our routine, and the one-year countdown to our wedding is back on! And in honor of passing the one year mark (again), I wanted to share how we managed to still do a little bit of celebrating on and around our original date: September 5, 2020.

First, I wanted to share this really, really cool initiative that I came across on social media a while back called the True Date Project. This past spring, North Shore photographer and event planner Jessica Doherty started this project to offer complimentary shoots to couples who had to postpone their wedding. She has partnered with a few other local photographers to spread some much-needed joy as they help capture however these couples decide to spend their original wedding date. How incredible, inspiring, hopeful, and beautiful is that?!

When I stumbled across the True Date Project on Instagram, and after it became clear that Les and I weren't going to be able to take the road trip to Charleston that we had originally planned over our would-have-been wedding weekend, I reached out to Jessica and told her a little bit about Les and I. She could not have been sweeter and told me that someone from her team would love to photograph us on the 5th. It was actually incredibly uplifting to talk to her, especially after we had a pretty disheartening experience trying to re-book our original wedding photographer after we had to postpone. My idea with the True Date Project was to have a romantic beach-side picnic with my husband-to-be and end up with some beautiful photos that we could add to our guest book for our wedding next year.

A little while after we heard from Jessica, though, my sister asked if we wanted to spend the long weekend at our family's cottage on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. Ultimately we decided that would be such a nice retreat, and so I had to let Jessica know that we wouldn't be in town anymore to do the shoot. I was definitely bummed, but I have still been following along on Instagram to see the beautiful moments that Jessica and her team have continued to capture, and every one I see makes me smile.

And then, to my extreme delight, entered my dear friend Melody. Melody suggested that before Les and I left for Connecticut, the three of us meet up at Misselwood Estate earlier in the week so she could take a few photos for us. She has dabbled in photography as of late (one of her many talents), and it meant the world that she offered to do this for us. It wouldn't be on our exact date, but it would still be such a special way to commemorate 2020 for us. Plus, the scenery at Misselwood is so dreamy, I'll take all the photos there I can get! Needless to say, they turned out better than I could have ever hoped for. I can't thank Melody enough for making this happen for us— it was a gift that we'll treasure forever, and some of my favorite photos of Les and I to date!

In less than a year we'll be standing right back in that same spot to say "I do." Ok, come back tomorrow for Part II to read the rest of how we celebrated over our original wedding weekend and to see the surprises that our family and friends had in store for us!


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