Our Custom Wedding Monogram

I have never really been one of those girls to sport a monogram on clothing or accessories; if a monogram was an option, I would usually skip it. But I'll admit that starts to change a little when you think about getting married and having a new last name. I'll be going from LDR to LRK, married to LWK III. Suddenly your new initials seem so fresh, and not to mention grown up! And there's something so classic and elegant about a monogram at a wedding.

So I started to look around on Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration on how we could incorporate our own, and for a design I liked. Some couples use both their first initials and their last initial, but that looked a little busy to me. Plus, when you look for a double monogram (or a duogram) with two of the same letters like Les and I would need, what you often find is a mirrored image. So for us it would be a backwards L up against a normal L. I didn't love that either because the backwards L kind of ends up looking like a J. So after a little more research, I decided to work with the wonderful Shuler Studio on a custom design.

Pam Shuler and her team have ready-made monograms featuring a ton of letter combinations in different fonts, but if you don't see something you love they can create a custom one just for you. Because I wanted something pretty unique with our two L's, that's just we did! And I'm SO excited to reveal the final design. So without further ado, here is our married monogram:

Isn't that so beautiful? Pam had me go through their letters and let her know what I thought I liked, and it was her suggestion to choose a sort of more masculine font for what would be Les's L, and a more feminine cursive one for me. I also learned through this process that there are so many subtle nuances that speak to the tradition of monograms. So for example it would be the feminine letter that wraps around the masculine, and the masculine letter is the one that is traditionally filled in color-wise. I absolutely love the way it turned out.

The other piece we added was this really beautiful beaded quatrefoil border that we can incorporate at times and leave off in others. I think it holds the letters so nicely and creates a complete picture.

I already have a million ideas for how we'll use our monogram for the wedding; but Shuler Studio is constantly sharing the most incredible pictures on Instagram of how their clients have gone on to use theirs, that my list keeps growing! Plus, they can provide you with files to use for print and digital, but also with files to use for embroidery. So really the possibilities are endless! Even post-wedding, some of the ways their clients have used their monogram in their homes is amazing. So if you're coming to the wedding, or are ever a guest in my future dream home, be prepared to encounter this little beauty everywhere. :) Thank you to Pam and her team for making my wedding monogram dreams come true!


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