Our Wedding Vision

Good morning, and happy Tuesday! I thought this would be kind of a fun post to share. Though my wedding Pinterest board is private (and incredibly organized into twenty sections, might I add), if you were to see it, it would look a little something like the collage at the end of this post.

It's kind of wild how my vision for our wedding has changed over time. Back before I even knew Les, my Pinterest board for my future fantasy wedding looked a little something like this:

Can you tell what my favorite color used to be? This was also back when rustic was a brand new trend, and burlap was the new it linen. Since then, when I've thought about what my wedding would look like my vision has gone through a few iterations, but after actually getting engaged (almost one year ago!) it has remained pretty consistent! The most important element, of course, is who I'll be standing next to at the end of the aisle. I've mentioned before that Les has largely let me take the lead on planning-- not for a lack of caring, but the exact opposite. He knew that picking out the details I had dreamed about since I was a little girl would mean much more to me. But, one thing we did share in terms of vision for our big day was that we wanted it to be on the more formal and elegant side. Especially after attending one of his groomsman's own wedding a few years ago (a truly stunning affair), we couldn't help but look forward to our own soiree.

And, luckily, we found the perfect venue to match what we had in mind. So, with all of that being said, here is a little peak at what's been inspiring me throughout the planning process!

This color palette probably doesn't come as a complete shock, given my blog design and our Save the Dates, but I'm looking forward to really making it our own and adding a few signature elements. You'll notice a significant amount of peonies... I'm heartbroken to report that my very favorite flower will likely be impossible to get for our wedding; we're getting married right in between the end of the North American and start of the South American peony season. Luckily my florist has some great suggestions for stand-ins, so I'm sure we'll settle on something that I'll love just as much! I'm really exited about the soft, classic tones and aesthetic that I think, and hope, will remain timeless.

P.S. If you're curious, and thought I was exaggerating, here's the list of the twenty sections of my wedding Pinterest board. I know it seems excessive, but it's really helpful when you want to find a specific image or element that you remember saving!

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