Our Wedding Registry

And just like that, it's February! Even though it's been a long time coming, I can't believe that our wedding is only seven months away now. While we feel like we've had everything planned for a long time, I realized after catching up with Les's sisters yesterday that we still have a lot of little things to decide on: our ceremony content, our centerpieces, decor inside of our reception tent, and I'm sure a million other things I'm forgetting. It will be fun to get back into brainstorming mode!

One thing that I had worked on before we postponed last year was our wedding registry, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the key pieces that we had added in case you're an upcoming bride like me and need a little inspiration!

We decided to use Zola for our registry and essentially just have one for my bridal shower and our wedding. One bummer is that I hadn't looked at it in a while, and there were a few pieces that I added last spring before what would have been my shower in June that are now completely discontinued or out of stock. So, I've had to go through and remove a few things, and I'm sure we'll keep adding a bit before this summer and September.

Anyways, if you're unfamiliar with Zola I would definitely recommend checking it out! You can add items right from their huge selection from brands like Le Cruset, Crate and Barrel, Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, and a ton more. What's even cooler, though, is that you can also add products from any other stores online that aren't already in their catalog. For example, there were a few things from Amazon that we added, and some things from Crate and Barrel that weren't already on Zola. The other thing you can do is add "funds" for things like your honeymoon, or gift cards for stores that might be helpful to you as newlyweds, like Home Depot. And then the last thing I wanted to say about Zola is that it really does make everything as easy as possible for the couple and their loved ones. Guests can select to have the gift sent to themselves, or directly to the couple; if they choose the latter, the couple can decide when to have the gift actually delivered to them. How helpful is that if you'll be traveling on your honeymoon, or maybe even moving? You can choose to delay receiving your gifts until you're back home or settled.

Anyways, here are some of the pieces that are on our registry right now, and then I'll point a few things out below!

Most of our kitchen products are from Ikea and we've had them since college (like our cookware and bakeware), so we focused a lot on upgrading to longer-lasting and higher-quality kitchen products. I'm especially GIDDY about the dinnerware collection we chose. We actually went to Crate and Barrel in person to look at different collections and the one I had been coveting online was even more beautiful in person. I mean... how cute are the scalloped edges? I love that the set we picked has a clean white and timeless look, and has a little bit of elegance with the gold rim around the salad plates.

We also selected our flatware and wine glasses at Crate and Barrel, too, after looking at them in person. We registered for sets of eight of most things because Les's nuclear family includes his parents and two sisters (and future spouses), so we want to be able to entertain his whole family at once (and then my family is six people).

I also picked out a few things geared more toward my bridal shower, like this darling kate spade umbrella that Les and I can use if it rains on our wedding day; this cookbook for newlyweds; a dessert set for cutting our cake; and these stunning frames for displaying our wedding invitation and wedding portraits!

Something else I added was this gingham platter, plate, and napkin set. These are from Clairebella Studio (a brand that's not on Zola but I was able to add these right to our Zola registry anyways!) which has a lot of cute personalized products and tons of patterns. We put this set on our registry for outdoor entertaining on our patio.

I also added a few more truly custom pieces that would make incredible keepsakes. The first is this serving platter that the artist will paint with an illustration of your wedding venue. I found our venue, Misselwood Estate, breathtaking from the moment I first saw it, so I thought this was really delightful. She primarily does house portraits, which is what's pictured here. Talk about a great house-warming, gift too!

Something else that I was THRILLED to discover online wast this custom engraved invitation tray from Mark & Graham. They actually digitize your invitation and then engrave it right on the silver tray. Our invitations were something I spent a ton of time designing, and I loveeeee them, so I thought this was such a special idea. BUT, remember when I said I made this registry so long ago that some things were no longer available? I was so sad to discover yesterday that it's no longer listed on Mark & Graham's website! I've since seen a few similar ones on Etsy, but nothing I love as much yet. Other ones I've peeked at seem like they're strictly for display, whereas I liked that the M&G one actually looks functional. So, if you've ever seen anything similar, please please let me know!

One piece I added for the wedding day itself (and of course forever after) is a custom ring box from The Mrs. Box. Have you heard of them? They make the most BEAUTIFUL ring boxes and have so many unique options for personalization. I shared a while back that we actually designed a custom monogram with our two first initials. I'm incorporating it into our wedding day in any way I can because it's that beautiful, and I have visions of how we can use it in our future home one day. So... I'm sure you can figure out where this is going. The Mrs. Box can actually engrave our monogram on top of a ring box! Swoon. One thing my photographer and I have talked a lot about are the beautiful "flat lay" photographs that capture all of a bride's detailsher shoes, jewelry, the invitations, some florals, and of course the rings. I know this box would be a stunning way to display my engagement ring and wedding band. I love little details like that.

Ok the last thing I wanted to share because it is such an amazing concept and a great gift idea to consider registering for or giving to a couple... it's called Flytographer. I had never heard of it until my sister added a session to her wedding registry two years ago! They match couples with photographers all over the world so think honeymoonfor a photo shoot. This is actually what Les and I gifted my sister and brother-in-law and they came home from their honeymoon with the most incredible photos from Paris. They now have a large print of the above photo hanging in their house! Isn't that so cool? As someone who loves photos, especially when it comes to documenting adventures Les and I have together, I was so excited to include this on our wish-list.


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