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Happy Monday, friends, from one of my favorite spaces at our apartment (second only to my closet, of course). Having our own outdoor space is one of the biggest reasons why we moved to this apartment and it has proved just as nice as we hoped it would be. This is our second summer living at our current apartment and we made a few updates outside when we got back from Maine, so I thought it would be fun to share those today! I've linked to the exact pieces that we have that I could still find online (like our bistro set, couch, and welcome mat) and then provided some ideas to similar things like throw pillows and our rug way down at the bottom of the post.

Let's start with what I'm most excited about: our new bistro set! We used to just have two more of those brown chairs and one of the slate side tables you see in the above photo sitting where our new set is now, but this area didn't serve a whole lot of practical purpose. So when we brought dinner out to the patio we would sit on the couch and eat more-or-less in our laps. Now that we've been home a lot more, we knew we wanted to have an actual dining set that we could enjoy a meal at.

I could not be more pleased with the set we ordered online from Home Depot. It came fully assembled, all three pieces fold up for easy storage, and the chairs are actually incredibly comfortable! It's weathered a few decent rain storms already and has held up really well. Plus, it matched the blue tones in the rug and throw pillows that we had already.

Something else I've been VERY excited about are the two flower boxes that Les and my Dad built for me during the early weeks of quarantine. It was the perfect project for them to do down in my Dad's workshop when it was still cold and snowy in Maine.

Right now we have mint, basil, and rosemary growing alongside some geraniums. You can kind of tell in these photos the amount of direct sunlight our patio gets from sunrise until about 4pm. Because our patio is concrete, it heats up quite a bit and I learned pretty quickly that skipping a day of watering is not an option. Taking care of our herbs and flowers has given me a fun new hobby and a really nice way to start my day.

Ok so on to our couch/lounge set.

Here's my honest review because it's still available (and on sale) at Wayfair. We got ours last summer and it's a GREAT deal as far as patio couches go definitely one of the least expensive options we could find for a sectional. What I love about it is it's fairly lightweight, and it can actually be rearranged to be one chair and a loveseat, or a full sectional like we have it. The three pieces and ottoman are all individual units so you have a lot of flexibility. To make the loveseat, you just pull the center chair out and then push the corner pieces together, and then the center chair (without arms) sits on its own. Sometimes we set it up that way when we have friends over, and rotate the loveseat to the back wall facing two chairs. This makes for a better conversation set-up!

The only downside to this purchase are the cushions that came with the couch. The cushions can be summed up as "you get what you paid for." They're comfortable, but they're not the thickest, and the real problem is just in trying to clean them. The covers zip off so you can throw them in the wash, but the zippers broke on almost every one, and the "filling" inside each cushion kind of comes apart once you unzip them. That's actually the reason why we don't have the back cushions even on the couch right now... the insides basically disintegrated and we had to throw them out. So we still have the covers (albeit I think the zippers are broken on those too) but we haven't bought anything to re-stuff them yet. We may end up just buying all new seat and back cushions for the couch at some point, but for now our throw pillows are doing the job!

So, all that is to say I would recommend the couch itself, but be prepared to replace the cushions after a season or two. Honestly for the price of the couch, it still might be more cost effective to do that than to buy a different sectional!

The last new piece we were excited to add was our new welcome mat that my sister and brother-in-law gave us! My sister had bought it for my bridal shower and then decided to give it to me on my birthday after my shower was postponed. Even though we're not quite "The Kernans" yet, we're almost there.. sort of. :)

So there you have it! You can find me out here working in the afternoons with Nestlie lounging by my side, and Les and I enjoying a cocktail and a game of Cribbage in the evenings. Wish I could have you all over for some refreshments, but I'll toast to you instead!

Whoops! One more thing before you go: how romantic is our little spot at night?! I love these lights that Les found on Amazon. Bistro lights to go with our bistro table!

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