Save the Date Reveal

WOW it's been a while since I've written a new post! Has anyone else felt super overwhelmed and busy recently? I think it has a lot to do with when Thanksgiving was this year-- suddenly there is so much going on and so much to do. Since I last posted, Les and I went to a friend's 25th birthday party, checked out the new Encore Boston Harbor Casino, bought our wedding bands (!!!!!!), went to Philadelphia to visit Les's sister Emily, and celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. And now, Christmas is right around the corner; my favorite time of year!

In the middle of all of the holiday craziness, we're still checking off a few things here and there for the wedding, and I realized the other day that I never shared the final version of our Save the Dates! Back in October, a day after we mailed the real thing, I shared this post with a few versions that we were playing around with. As I wrote then, it was incredibly difficult to choose just one, but in the end I couldn't stop going back to the beautiful, soft pink backdrop that our photographer captured on that May day on the Boston Esplanade-- especially because it matches our overall color palette ;). So without further ado, here is what all of our friends and family received in October to save our date!

Despite all the pink, Les actually really liked these too! I promise. His only demand was the photo on the back, and as I've shared in the past, he asks for so little.

I absolutely adore these and can't wait to frame one, along with our wedding invitation (to be revealed later on ;)....) The only thing I would do differently? Because they were postcards and there was no outer envelope, a few of them got a little dirty in the mail by the time they arrived to our friends and family. While I would still choose a postcard, (they're much more cost efficient so we can put a bit more toward our formal invitations) a friend of one of my bridesmaids sent her save the dates out around the same time and she managed to find a clear protective sleeve to mail them in. I would definitely recommend trying to make that work, especially if your cards are a lighter color like ours. Either way, one of my very favorite things has been seeing our save the dates on our friends' and family's refrigerators! A special thanks, as always, to our photographer Kelly Dillon for capturing these beautiful photos!


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