'Seas' the day

Monday's here and it's back to work. Speaking of work, I learned at the end of last week that I'll be going back into my office two days a week starting on July 6. So, our bittersweet time in Maine is about to come to an end. I have to admit, actually, that it's been far more sweet than bitter; despite being away from our home, Les and I have really been enjoying spending time with my parents, working on projects with them, and just the overall lifestyle in Maine. And, speaking of things that are bittersweet (I'm all about topical transitions today, apparently) this past weekend was supposed to be my bridal shower. As bummed as I was to not be enjoying an afternoon tea party with all of my favorite ladies, we were able to make the most of the weekend and it turned out to be a few of the most fun days we've had up here in Maine! In fact, we spent most of it out on the water.

Sandals: Walmart | Bag: Etsy | Dog: Petfinder

Les's Hat: Carhartt | Shirt: J. Crew | Shorts: Vineyard Vines

Saturday mid-morning we set out on the first day-sail of the season. A few years ago, my parents bought their Island Packet sailboat, Tenacious, in Stamford, Connecticut (right around where we used to live!); they sailed it all the way home to Maine, stopping on the North Shore of Mass. to visit us for two nights on the way. For Saturday's sail, our destination was the nearby Jewell Island, the site of old World War II control towers, artillery, and bunkers.

After about an hour and a half, we were on anchorage in the small harbor of the island enjoying a light lunch. We rowed ashore and set out on the island's walking trails to explore some of the WWII ruins. There were so many hidden treasures on the island, too, like this buoy-ornamented birch tree trail (say that five times fast) that led right down to a hidden beach.

We did around 3 miles of hiking (doubling back at one point because I lost my sunglasses; luckily my mom spotted them just off the path in some grass) before returning to the boat in Cocktail Cove. Naturally I wore my new "Birkencrocs," which kept me comfy the whole time and they were a breeze to wash off after walking around the sand and some wooded areas.

We enjoyed a few cocktails ourselves, and a charcuterie board, before heading home for the night. My parents stayed the night on their mooring off of our dock, while Les, Nestlie and I opted for the warmth of the house.

The next day—Sunday morning— I woke up feeling a little down knowing I wouldn't be getting up and getting ready for my bridal shower. My mom asked me how I wanted to spend the day and we decided to ruminate over cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I decided that all I wanted was to "seas" the day (see what I did there?), spend some more time out on the water, and go somewhere fun for lunch and a drink! So I put on my Lilly romper and my Save a New Date sweatshirt and we headed out on the boat for a nearby restaurant on the water.

Bag: Etsy | Denim Jacket: BlankNYC | Romper: Lilly Pulitzer

We were able to order takeout (complete with some sangria and beer) and enjoy lunch on a picnic table outside while staying socially distant from the other diners. I, of course, had to have some dessert, so we ordered some blueberry pie and a chocolate torte with cherry cream to finish.

By the way, this bag that I've been carrying everywhere recently was from my sister Kelly's bachelorette! I ordered them as gifts for all of the girls and was really pleased with how they turned out; they're sturdier than I thought they would be, they have a nice lining on the inside that feels sort of water-proof, one interior pocket, and it zips shut. It's perfect to take to the beach or on the boat.

After lunch we lounged around in the grass for a while, just enjoying being out of the house, and finished our drinks before heading home. It was just what I needed this weekend. And, as much as I would have loved to have spent the day with my bridesmaids, aunts, cousins, and grandmas, I'm so lucky I always have this guy to cheer me up.


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