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Silver Linings

Happy Monday friends! If you've been reading my blog for really any length of time, you probably know that my fiancé and I postponed our September 2020 wedding until September of this year. I may talk about it just a bit too much. :) But in all fairness, part of the reason I started this blog in March 2019 was because we had just gotten engaged and I thought that going through the wedding planning process was the perfect time to start blogging something I always wanted to do! I just didn't realize I'd have two years to talk about it, hah. Anyways, I'm really excited about today's post. As bummed as we were when we decided to postpone, over these past few months we've realized quite a few silver linings that came out of it and I wanted to share some of those today! Everything happens for a reason, right?

Our ten yer anniversary

For starters, we are now getting married on the ten year anniversary of when we met. How amazing is that? Part of the reason we chose our original wedding date (September 5, 2020) was because we met Labor Day weekend in 2011 during our freshman year of College, so we thought it would be kind of cool to get married that same weekend nine years later. It just so happened that the day we met (September 4) was a Friday in 2020, so that would have been our rehearsal dinner and our wedding would have been the next night. Well, we not only lucked out that September 4 is a Saturday in 2021, but that date became available for us when we ultimately decided to postpone. You can read that whole emotional roller coaster here. But isn't that incredible? It's just wild to me to think that we met when we were 18 years old, we had both just moved to Boston from upstate New York (him) and Connecticut (me) for college only days earlier, and everything lined up perfectly for us to meet. Now ten years later on that exact day we'll become husband and wife. :) P.S. the picture above is the spot we'll be standing in to say our vows in 194 days!

Samantha & Mike Photography

photos by Samantha & Mike photography

So, when Les and I made the decision to postpone, we were incredibly lucky that we were able to move forward with our new date and with almost our entire vendor team (venue, caterer, band, videographer, makeup artist, florist, transportation) still assembled, except for our photographer. But, the bright side? We booked Samantha and Mike photography, a husband and wife team from New Hampshire that I'm ashamed to say I had not stumbled across before! And actually, that's one tip I have when booking any of your vendors: do your research! I had my heart set on our original photographer and didn't even look into any others, but if I had I likely would have found Sam and Mike and we would have 100% booked them the first time around.

photo by Samantha & Mike photography

Anyways, none of that matters now because we're just so excited to be working with them. We spent a long time on Zoom getting to know them, asking all sorts of questions, answering their questions about us, and talking about our vision for our wedding. We already feel so comfortable with them, and we can't wait to do a new engagement shoot with them in the spring. Sam and I message back and forth all the time sharing ideas for the wedding! And, needless to say their work is simply beautiful. It's exactly the style I was looking for and their photos take my breath away every time I see them on Instagram or on their blog. Brides in my area: look them up!!

Bonus Bridesmaid & Groomsman

Two words: Connor & Hannah. I shared this shortly after we postponed the wedding, but TWO other silver linings to come out of all of this were the two people we added to our wedding party! It really all starts with Connor, because he invited Les to the party where we met on September 4, 2011, and I was invited by a friend of Connor's from his hometown, Kate, who also went to college with us. Kate was a new friend in my dorm, and Les had already become friends with Connor because they were both on the rowing team. So that fateful night, Kate and Connor agreed to meet up at a party and they each brought along some of their new friends!

Anyways, fast forward a few years out of college and Connor BLESSED us again by bringing his girlfriend Hannah into our lives. Hannah and I had really only started to become closer friends right around the time that Les and I got engaged, but pretty quickly after that we really just clicked, and now she is one of my very, very best friends. Les and I couldn't wait to ask them to join our wedding party, and we mailed them a little package from Maine during the first few months of quarantine. I put all of the same items in for Hannah that I had gifted my other bridesmaids, and Les sent along this card for Connor (it's funny, because it's true). We couldn't be happier to have them both standing up there with us on our wedding dayat this point it would have just felt wrong without them.

Rehearsal Dinner Sailcloth Tent

Ok, last little silver lining for now, and actually this is the one that spurred today's post! Last week I was on a virtual conference working from home and I got a call from our rehearsal dinner venue, Woodman's of Essex. Woodman's is famous for their seafood (specifically their fried clams) and Les and I absolutely love to go there for lunch. They are located on a marsh and have a tent on their property with some picnic tables where we love to bring Nestlie for an afternoon outing! When we started to think about where we would have our rehearsal dinner, Woodman's was an obvious choice for us. Les, in particular, advocated heavily to have our dinner there, and I thought it was a great idea. We wanted a space that would allow for us to have more of a party rather than just a 10 or 12 person sit-down dinner. For as many times as we've eaten lunch there, I realized I don't have any photos, but I found this one online.

So, back to this phone call. It turns out that they are actually putting up an additional and brand new tent for the 2021 season and they have moved our rehearsal dinner into it! Why is this so exciting? Well for one, it's set further back on their property and therefore a little more private. It's also on a beautiful lawn in front of their formal reception venue (the Essex Room), it's a sailcloth tent with wooden beams, it will have bistro lights, round tables and chairs in place of picnic tables, and it will also have clear sides that we can roll down in case of rain or chilly weather. Idk.. as I type this out it's sort of hard to translate why this is so exciting, but essentially it was a surprise upgrade! Here's a photo of another tent by the same company, Tidewater.

Two of the reasons I'm most excited are 1) we were going to have to decide a few weeks out (4-6 I think?) if we thought we would need sides of our original tent in case of rain, and then pay extra to have them installed. Now we can just decide day-of to roll the clear sides up or down depending on the weather! And then 2) I shared in my post on bridal shower styles that I absolutely adore my rehearsal dinner dress. I bought it even before my wedding dress! However, it is a little on the fancier side, and I wasn't particularly concerned because I'm the bride and can be as dressed up at a picnic table as I want to be, right?! But now I just think my dress will make a little more sense in our ~fancy~ tent. And if that's not a sliver lining, than I just don't know what is. :)

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