Sunday at the Polo Grounds

So it turns out that only 5.2 miles down the road from where we live is the oldest active polo grounds in the country. Who knew?! We've lived on the North Shore for a little over two years now and we had no idea that if we take one turn off of our road and then continue on for 5 miles, we'd arrive at the beautiful grounds of the Myopia Hunt Club. How cool is that?

Two weekends ago Les and I were in Rockport with my parents enjoying one of those cool end-of-summer days. After they headed home to Maine, we decided to take the scenic route back to our place through some of our neighboring towns that we hadn't really explored before. We had heard of Myopia and knew it was somewhat close by, but we never realized just how close-- or how accessible and easy it is to attend a polo match there.

Les started to do some research and it turns out that it's only $15 per person, leashed dogs are welcome, and if you get there early enough you can actually tailgate right on the edge of the field. This past Sunday, we decided to check it out and attend the Labor Day Classic. The first of the two matches started at 3pm, but we arrived a little after 1:30 which is when the gates to the field open. This turned out to be a smart move because we were able to score one of the few non-reserved tailgate spots that were left. We unpacked our blankets, chairs, and cooler and were ready to watch some horses play croquet! (I'm aware that's not really what Polo is, don't worry.)

This was our setup. The weather was pretty perfect-- it was only about 72° so we weren't baking in the heat. And when there was some cloud coverage, Nestlie and I were able to snuggle under a blanket together until it passed.

It was pretty cool how close to the action we were whenever the players came down our end of the field. Admittedly, my favorite part may have been stomping the divots in between the two matches we watched. I felt like I was having a real Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman moment here.

All of the kids that were spectating got a kick out of divot-stomping, too. All in all, we're really glad we checked it out! It was a super relaxing and fun afternoon. Les and I love to discover new things to do together, and now that we've scoped out the Myopia Polo scene we're psyched to bring our friends and family! Our game plan for next time? Arrive around 1:30 again to snag a tailgate space; bring our beach umbrella if it's going to be super sunny; and now that we know we're allowed, bring some cocktails. :)


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