Vineyard Vines x Target

Hello, and happy Monday! I have a confession to make. I'm one of those people.... the kind that wakes up at 3am to shop the launch of a special collection online, and then goes to the store to wait in line to also shop that collection. I don't do this often-- just for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every July, and each year when Target does their high-end brand collaboration (depending on if I like the designer or not). Ok, maybe that's kind of often.

The idea behind the Target collaborations is to be able to offer a collection created specifically for Target at more affordable prices, ranging from around $15 to $35. This year, the collaboration was with Vineyard Vines and it launched at 3am EST (so midnight on the West Coast) on Saturday morning. Past collaborations that I've shopped were with Marimekko and Victoria Beckham.

The most infamous two, though, were with Lilly Pulitzer a few years ago, and Hunter last year. The Hunter collection ended up being a huge let-down for many because the most sought-after item, women's tall rain boots, were pulled from the sale last minute due to quality concerns. And Lilly Pullitzer..... whoa. The women I stood in line with Saturday morning were still telling their "war stories"...the pushing, the shoving, the website crashing, the droves of items that ended up on sites like eBay and Poshmark afterwards at triple the cost. The LP collection wasn't one I shopped because I actually didn't know it was happening (I was still a youngster in college). But, my future mother-in-law managed to score me a dress and jumpsuit that I still love today!

So, let's get to Vineyard Vines and what I scored! Growing up in New England, I've known about and shopped Vineyard Vines for a while, here and there, and I got Les into the brand as well. I was pretty excited when this partnership was announced-- I marked my calendar and set my alarm, and here are the results! I should say that everything sold out in minutes online, and then within a half an hour at my local Target. But, I've been told by Target that as customers return items (which often happens because people like myself order things in multiple sizes to see what works) they will be put back on the shelves. So, keep an eye on your store's inventory which you can check online! I'll also note any extras of items I have being shipped to me (because I ordered early Saturday morning and then bought some items in store just in case my online order was canceled due to inventory). If you're interested in anything, I'll happily sell to you at-cost plus shipping before I return it! Just shoot me a message. And, lastly, if there's an item from the collection that you absolutely have to have and that I don't have here, there are manyyyyy items on Poshmark already, albeit heavily marked up. Sigh.

Ok, here we go!

Striped V-Neck Romper


Wearing in a size XS. I have another XS and a Small on the way to me! I'll try on the Small to see if I like a looser fit, and then one will be up for grabs!

One-piece Whale Pattern Swimsuit


Wearing in a size Small, and I have another Small on its way to me! I would say it runs just a tad snug.

Patchwork Whale Shorts


Wearing in a size 0. I'm actually really glad I tried on and bought these in store because I ordered in a 2 and a 4 online. Both will be available!

Quarter-zip Pullover in Pink and Patchwork Whale


Wearing in a size XS. I only managed to snag this in-store because it sold out instantly online. It's a much more affordable version of the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, although it is slightly thinner material. I actually think that makes it even better for summer. You can't quite see it here, but the patchwork collar matches the shorts! Out of every other item, this was the one all of the ladies made a bee-line for Saturday morning. So if you mange to find one, snatch it up! That said, I do not think the material makes it worth the $75 that some people will charge aftermarket!! Just be aware of that.

Ruffle Tie Waisted Midi Dress


This was my favorite item of the sale! Maybe it's because I'm a bride-to-be, but I'm loving white dresses right now! I've also been very into the midi style, and I love the stripe detail on the ribbon! You can tie this in the front, back, or on the side and it looks cute either way. I'm wearing a Small, and I'll have another Small and an XS available soon! I went with Small because the XS was too tight in the bust (I'm a 34C for reference).

Patchwork Whale V-Neck Cover Up


So after getting home and trying this on again, I thought this cover up was going back because it's kind of shapeless. But the material feels great, and I do love the patchwork pattern. And to top it off, Les told me he thought it was cute, so I think I have to keep it now. But, I do have another XS and a Small on the way!

Ok, one last thing. This Vineyard Vines cover up below isn't from the Target collaboration, but I thought I would show it anyways because it's a more flattering option, in my opinion!

It's made out of super lightweight, breathable material, and I like that it doesn't look like it belongs only on the beach. I bought it in black for myself and for my mom for her birthday-- I knew she would love it for sailing! They're no longer making it in black, but it does come in white as well as blue and white seersucker.

Alright- that wraps up your Monday dose of Vineyard Vines! Hope you score some goodies. P.S. If you were worried about Les and the pup, don't worry. They'll be whale-equipped with some new looks, too. (See what I did there?) ;)


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