What I'm Wearing Weekly #45

Funny story! For the most part, any time we catch Nestlie doing something cute and we try to take her picture, she immediately moves or stops doing whatever cute thing she was doing. And if you try to get a picture of her looking at the camera? Forget about it. We often joke that she's afraid the camera will steal her soul because of how much she avoids it. BUT, when I asked Les to snap a few photos the other day by our entry way stairs, she could not be moved. She was literally posing.

I think she probably thought I was about to go somewhere. Anyways, we eventually gave her a bone and she trotted off, but it was so nice of her to make a guest appearance. :)

Ok, so a few things here that I'm a major fan of: a blazer, a skinny jean, and a faux fur accent. I bought this plaid blazer on sale from Nordstrom Rack right before the holidays and it doesn't seem to be available anymore, but I rounded up a few styles with a similar vibe at the bottom of this post.

I just think you can't go wrong with a blazerno matter the seasonand I love that more and more designers are making them in casual styles, and also with softer linings like cotton. I never thought silk blazers were all that comfortable, and certainly not warm.

I've also been living in my high-waisted black jeans from J. Crew. I've raved about their jeans on here before, but the toothpick jean from J. Crew is pretty much all I wear in black, white, and blue washes. Normally I buy an 8" rise, but I've been liking these in the 9" to tuck sweaters into this season. And, in this case, a staple white cami! Also, I've washed my J. Crew jeans tons of times, and they always keep their shape.

Lastly, the faux fur! I mean... give me faux fur anything: scarves, hoods, a nice lining on a mitten or poncho. I linked to a grey blazer below that's right up that alley. Just a nice, luxe, but still casual look. A little easy workwear for your Wednesday!


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