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What I'm Wearing Weekly #46

It's hard to believe that spring fashion is starting to come out when we have had consistent snow on the ground for the past few weeks! I don't think I can remember a snowier winter. I mean, we've had some serious storms over the years here in MA, but I can't remember a season in recent years where it snowed on so many days in a row! I am all for it, though. It makes mostly staying home that much cozier. Although, all of that said it's supposed to get up to 45° today, so maybe spring really is on the way? If so, what better time to grab a winter coat on sale at the end of the season?!

Anyways, after another night of snowfall Les and I woke up this past Saturday morning and decided to go for a drive (like we have done on most weekends the past few months). We love to drive though a few of the more rural, picturesque towns on the North Shore, especially when all the trees are freshly covered in snow. We ended up at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester where we stopped to let Nestlie out for a bit to run around.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show this beautiful and SUPER warm winter coat. No surprise: it's Barbour brand (see more of my thoughts on Barbour here). I love this coat for so many reasons. For starters, the faux fur hood! It really does make a huge difference in keeping your head and ears warm, especially when you're exposed to wind like we often are on the North Shore. And actually, the waxed material of the jacket also does a great job at keeping out the wind. But back to the hood: if you don't need it, the whole thing snaps right off!

The other reason why I love this coat, and the other reason why it's so warm, is because it has a built-in quilted liner. You can zip the liner up and leave the outer zipper open and it sort of looks like you're wearing a quilted vest underneath (see the photo below). Or, you can close both zippers to keep extra toasty! It's kind of funny... I shared in my review of my classic Beadnell jacket that waxed Barbour jackets typically aren't the best for super cold New England weather, but honest to goodness with the liner in this one, it is by far the warmest thing I own. We've had some brutally cold days here recently and this has done the trick, and then some.

And of course, as is the case with most Barbour coats it has ample pockets which is especially helpful for these winter excursions: I can store my phone, tissues, a mask, hand sanitizer and gloves. One detail that I didn't realize when I ordered it is that the coat actually has a hidden interior drawstring at the waist so you can tighten it for a more fitted look, if you'd like!

This coat has become my go-to for both fashion and function, and I know I'll have it for years and years and years to come! You can find it at Bloomingdales in navy (very much on sale) or at Orvis in my green color, also on sale.

P.S. As a reminder, Barbour tends to run small. So while I'm typically a 2 in most brands, I'm normally a 6 in Barbour outerwear! But for this jacket, I sized down to a U.S. 4 and still plenty of room for a sweater underneath.

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