Wedding Party Re-Introductions

Before we get to today's post (which I'm SO excited about) I wanted to share some exciting news for all of my fellow brides out there! I have partnered with fellow North Shore blogger Alura from @catsandcoffeebythesea for a bridal bundle giveaway. Alura and I are, coincidentally, both brides-by-the-sea who had to postpone our weddings this year due to the pandemic. We thought it would be really fun to give back to a fellow bride-to-be with some products that we love! Be sure to check my Instagram (@lisalisabythesea) later today for the details. Ok, on to today's post!

I'm THRILLED to announce that our wedding party has grown by two, and for very important reasons. A few weeks ago when I was talking to my friend Hannah about postponing our wedding, we agreed that it's kind of crazy how much can change in a year. Little did she know that after she and I had become so close over the past year and a half, I couldn't imagine not having her in my bridal party, and I was getting ready to send her a package asking her to be a bridesmaid.

And, it just so happened that Les had been feeling the same way about Hannah's boyfriend Connor, who we have known for the past nine years; who brought Hannah into my life; and who is basically the reason that Les and I know each other today. We're so excited that the two of them will be completing our wedding party and will be with us leading up to and on our big day. As I wrote to Hannah, it's one of the very positive things to come out of this postponement.

If you told me even three years ago that I would be lucky enough to have six women in my bridal party, I wouldn't have believed you. While I certainly had best friends growing up, we lost touch over the years, and I never really had many girlfriends in college. I'm so glad that's all changed, and just in time. Who doesn't want a group of such lovely ladies to surround them for all of the fun and festivities that come with a wedding?

So, without further ado, allow me to re-introduce our favorite guys and gals.



Maid of Honor

Kelly is a little less than two years older than me, and she has been my best friend since the day I was born. When I asked her to be my matron of honor I told her that she was my "day one," but I had to explain to her what that meant. I keep her young. :) I'm so incredibly lucky that, except for her college years, we've lived close to each other all our lives including sharing a studio apartment one summer in Boston. She lives just an hour away from me now in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area with her husband, Tom, which means we get to see each other often. I know I'm biased, but she's just one of the best people I know. She has a small jungle growing in her condo, is the BEST dog aunt, and is such a positive force in the lives of everyone who knows her. She and Tom had a beautiful wedding last September on the water in York, Maine.



Emily is the second sister of the bunch as Les's oldest sibling. She's definitely a mentor-figure for me and helped me find my current career path. When I asked Emily to be my bridesmaid, I told her that I thought she was born to be a leader, and a big sister, and it's totally true. I'd like to think that even if I wasn't marrying her brother, Emily and I would be natural friends. We have a lot in common, from our majors in college, to our field of work, to our love of trivia. Before moving to Philadelphia a little over a year ago, she had been living in Houston for almost a decade. While we loved visiting her in Texas, we're happy that she's much closer now!

Caroline Bridesmaid

Caroline completes my trio of sisters as the middle Kernan! I would say that she tends to be the life of the party. She and I used to work at the same University and I was lucky that we got to meet often for lunch. It was especially nice to have Caroline nearby when we were in college. Les and I used to take the T to her old apartment to watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette every week with her and her roommates; we filled out brackets and everything. We also LOVED her annual Boston Marathon parties when she used to live right on the route, around mile 24. Caroline is super fun, definitely one-of-a-kind, and is a major style icon of mine!

Ashley Bridesmaid

Among all of the incredible things that my current job has brought me, one of them was Ashley. Though she started a new job last fall, I loved every minute of the 35+ hours a week we spent together, sharing an office for two years. Ashley and I also share a love for Taylor Swift, celebrity gossip, and keeping up with the Kardashians (not necessarily the show, just the act of keeping up with their antics). We bonded quickly, and dare I say fiercely, and I'm SO thankful for that. Ashley has approximately 1 billion friends, and two sisters of her own, and I'm so happy that I've managed to wiggle my way into her circle. Trust me, it's a place you want to be. Bonus points: Ashley cried more than I did when I got engaged. Luckily, Ashley didn't move too far and now lives just 30 minutes away in Charlestown with her boyfriend, Steve.

Sarah Bridesmaid

Sarah is my boss. My boss is my bridesmaid. How many people are lucky enough to say that?! Hands down, Sarah is one of the coolest people I've ever met. She travels a ton, is super fit and active, but is also SO down-to-earth. I honestly love working with her, and she is the PERFECT mix of leader and friend. The night that Les and I got engaged, we called all of our immediate family members, but I knew that I wanted to surprise Sarah and Ashley the next day in person. As soon as I told them, Sarah rushed out and bought three bottles of champagne and essentially threw me an impromptu party. If that's not someone you want around you on and leading up to your wedding then who is? Sarah lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her fiancé, Kyle.

Hannah Bridesmaid

So, as previously mentioned I met Hannah through her boyfriend and our longtime friend Connor. She and I were just really becoming friends when Les and I got engaged, and since then we have enjoyed many a double date— dinners on the North Shore and in Boston, beach days, and even an afternoon Polo Match. I wrote this to Hannah in her "will you be my bridesmaid" card, but she's the friend I always wanted, and never had, in college. On any given day during this quarantine, we can be found exchanging many a Tik Tok, discussing our recent bakes, or on video chat with a few other friends. She is thoughtful, funny, pretty much always bubbly, and can always be counted on to reflect on a work problem, a weird dream, or any other musing I have throughout the day! Hannah and Connor currently live in Boston.


Colin Best Man

Colin is our Canadian dignitary, hailing from Vancouver and currently living in Ottawa. Like five out of the six groomsmen, Les and Colin met on the rowing team in college. They won a Silver Medal in a four at national's together one year, and they were roommates in their first apartment together. We're such big fans of Colin that we drove 11 hours to visit him at his family's cottage on Lake Huron last summerand I even learned stick to split the drive with Les. If that isn't love, what is? Colin is incredibly polite, absolutely loves Nestlie (though he'll try to tell you otherwise) and can make a pretty hearty feast out of whatever ingredients he's given.

Max Groomsman

A fellow rower and roommate in their first apartment in Boston, Max is originally from Detroit and currently lives in Dallas. Unlike the culinary Colin, Max specializes in one entrée: crab cakes. He's been feeding them to us since our freshman year of college, haphazardly made in dormitory kitchens. What he's lacking in the kitchen he makes up for in his story-telling; Max always has a saga to share about one thing or another and he never leaves us bored. For two years in a row, Max joined Les and I on our Christmas tree hunthelping to find and then haul, and then hoist the perfect tree. The only eligible bachelor of the group (not because the others aren't eligible, they're just taken), Max is the proud new dad to rescue pup, Koda.

Slawek Groosman

Slawek has been one Les's best friends since high school, and Les was in Slawek's wedding almost three years ago. Both he and Les are essentially part of each other's families and have been referred to as "brothers from another mother." When Slawek asked Les to be in his wedding, he gave Les Polish vodka. So when Les asked Slawek to be in ours, he returned the gesture with Irish whiskey. In addition to an appreciation for the fine liquor of their ancestors, the two also share a birthday! Slawek lives in Forest Hills, NY, with his wife Paulina.

Greg Groomsman

Almost a whole year has passed since I first introduced our wedding party, and I'm pretty sure the only picture Les and Greg have where they're standing within ten feet of each other is still this boujee one of them playing croquet in an English garden. This picture makes me laugh, too, because Les was probably on his phone texting me. Along with Max and Connor, they traveled to England together for the Henley Royal Regatta while in college. Greg, like me, is Connecticut native and is Les's "finance bro" and professional exam partner. They've shared many an hour lamenting over the fact that they study more now than they ever did in college. Greg currently lives in Boston with his girlfriend, Liz.

Matt Groomsman

Thankfully, we do have a much better picture of Les and Matt since I first posted. Because one Polish guy from New York wasn't enough, Les asked Matt to be in our wedding as well! Though they never actually lived together, Les also considers Matt to be one of his former roommates, having lived across the street in the same less-than-safe neighborhood in Boston for over two years. When I asked Les to share some of his best memories with Matt, he said most wouldn't be suitable for public consumption... Matt currently lives in Boston with his girlfriend, Madison.

Connor Groomsman

LOOK HOW YOUNG THEY ARE. As I alluded to at the start of this post, it could easily be argued that we have Connor to thank for everything that Les and I have. I met Connor the same night I met Les, actually. Connor was the one who invited Les to the party where we met, while I was invited to the same party by a friend of Connor's from home who lived in my dorm. We were all brand new freshmen at Northeastern, having only arrived at college days earlier. Les and Connor would spend the next four years as coxswain on the rowing team together, and most recently have also been studying tougher, along with Greg, for their professional exams. Connor is originally from the Philadelphia area.

That's everybody! Not only do we love this group, we also love all of their signifiant others and we're so psyched to have such a party surrounding us as we celebrate our wedding. We're a very luck bride and groom!


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