Wedding Planning Update #3

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Wedding Planning Update #2 Wedding Planning Update #1

Whoa. As I went through to update the checklist below, I realized how much we had actually accomplished since my last update in October. The biggest one, by far, was getting my dress! I wrote all about my experience finding my dream dress here. As silly as it sounds, a lot of things really do fall into place following the dress. The first, of course, are the bridal accessories! I ordered my veil from Cristina's in Andover the same day I bought my dress... but I actually went back a few days later and switched my order. When I was looking back at photos we had taken at a few other salons, I realized I wanted a somewhat different style, so I made a veil appointment at Cristina's a few days after ordering my gown; I was able to put my gown back on and try on a few more styles. Admittedly I think I was just so excited about the dress the day we bought it that I wasn't focusing too much on the accessories. My stylist was the "veil expert" at the salon, and she was super patient with me while I figured out exactly what I wanted. And, she helped me switch out my order. The veil is done!

The next thing I need to do, in terms of my accessories, is find the right shoes. I have a couple of pairs that I'm eyeing, but there are so many to choose from!!

Something else we accomplished just this past weekend was pick A BRIDESMAID DRESS! Yes, one dress, singular. There is something so classic and formal about matching dresses, I think, and luckily my girls have all been super on board with this! After ordering a few "no's" online, Kelly and I went to Cristina's this past Saturday morning to see what they had. They have a HUGE inventory, so we knew we were on the right track. I knew what I had in mind in terms of color family and general style, but we still had a lot of details to narrow in on. Slowly, we were able to eliminate and zero in on a few dresses we loved. There was one, in particular that was both mine and Kelly's favorite, and my mom's as well when we sent her some photos. So for now, I'm 99% sure this will be the dress! We're working on going back with the rest of the girls to have them try it on, confirm we all like it, and then officially place the order! Another bonus to Cristina's? We'll get 15% off on bridesmaid dresses since I bought my gown there!

Another sort of big item that Les and I checked off was purchasing our wedding bands. We had made an appointment to go back to Tiffany's right before Thanksgiving to look at a few styles, and to have my ring re-sized again; after living in it all summer and a few months into winter, I knew we had to go a little smaller. It had always been sort of comfortably loose in the summer months, but with the colder weather it had become dangerously loose. So, once again I had to part with it for a week or so! But it's fitting much better now.

We had actually looked at wedding bands during my first ring fitting after Les proposed, and our sales woman made notes of what we liked. To our surprise, though, he and I both went in a different direction on our final selections! I love them both, and can't wait to share them later on.

One other just interesting bit of wedding news is that Les and I were really excited to see that a new boutique hotel opened up on the adorable little Main Street a few miles from our wedding venue. We're really excited to take a look at it and hopefully add it to our wedding accommodation recommendations for our guests, but we also sort of can't help but laugh a little bit at the rooms... The Cabot Lodge opened up in a spot that was formerly occupied by a bicycle shop. I remember when we first saw that it was coming, Les wondered how they were ever going to fit hotel rooms into the space. Well, looking at the photos online, now we see how.

Definitely cozy :). But, also kind of cool if boutique hotels are your thing!

I think that's it for now! With a lot of these larger items checked off, I'm actually pretty excited to start working on some of the smaller details. I think in some ways they can be a bit more stressful, but I think that the little details are what make the day memorable, and will really make it our own. If you missed my previous updates, you can read them below, and also check out some of the details I've shared more about on our list!

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✔ set the date ✔ choose the venue ✔ take engagement photos ✔ choose a bridal party ✔ choose groomsmen ✔ caterer ✔ cake vendor ✔ choose our photographer ✔ videographer ✔ band ✔ rehearsal dinner venue ✔ wedding website ✔ send save the dates ✔ hair & makeup artists ✔ florist ✔ find THE dress

✔ order a veil ✔ bridesmaid dresses

✔ purchase wedding bands

✔ set up registry

□ wedding shoes □ groom and groomsmen attire

□ ceremony decor

□ reception tent decor □ bridal shower □ bachelorette party □ send invitations □ design escort cards/seating chart □ choose a cake design □ book honeymoon □ decide on hair & makeup □ final dress fitting □ write vows □ sign our marriage license

photo by Kelly Dillon Photography


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