Wedding Venue Reveal

I highly doubt this blog has made its way to any mid-westerners yet, but if it has I want to sincerely apologize in advance for what I'm about to say: living somewhere land-locked seems wholly unnatural to me. Having grown up on the Long Island Sound, and having never lived anywhere outside of New England, I've always felt that there's something really comforting about having a really large body of water nearby. My dad and I share the same view on this, and one time when we were talking about it we both agreed that if the world started falling apart, at least we'd be able to escape on a boat. I know that really doesn't make any sense, but now that I'm typing this out, I think that might be my claustrophobia kicking in. All of this is to say that I don't picture myself ever living or raising a family anywhere but by the ocean. That being said, I actually never pictured myself as the beach wedding type, until I saw Misselwood Estate.

To be fair, Misselwood isn't really a beach venue, but boy is it ocean front. The estate itself is stunning inside and out. It's funny, the house I grew up in was brick with green shutters and I actually never liked the look of it. Maybe it's because we didn't have ivy crawling up the side of our house, or an expansive lawn perched right on the Atlantic Ocean. We rented a house nearby for the whole wedding party (and significant others) for the weekend of the wedding, but we also have the option of getting ready inside of the Misselwood house and taking some photos before the wedding in the "ocean room" (which I’ll show in a later post) and the library.

Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place outside on the lawn, with the reception to follow in a dreamy tent right on the property. I love that following the ceremony, guests will be able to wander around the grounds, take in the water views, have a cocktail on the romantic terrace, and then (and most importantly) party all night in the tent.

Everything about Misselwood speaks to the timeless and classic style that Les and I are going for. We didn't have to think much about where we were going to get married. If we still lived in Boston, it would have probably been somewhere in the city-- where we first started dating and fell in love. But we're both so excited that we'll be married on the North Shore, where we really feel like we've made our first "grown up" home together. And we can't wait to be able to show that home to all of our family and friends, many of whom have never spent much time on the North Shore of Mass. I think that's the coolest part about where we're getting married.

Other perks of Misselwood: they are dog friendly for the ceremony (this was a MUST for Les), there's a decent size inn that is walking (or trolley) distance from the venue, and they have a list of preferred vendors for things like catering and lighting design, which actually makes planning so much easier because your choices are already narrowed down. I also love that the entire estate offers a variety of backdrops for photos, from the gorgeous lawn in the back of the house, the courtyard in the front, all the way to photos in the sand on the beach below, or on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Honestly, and maybe this isn't the norm, but Misselwood was the only venue we toured before setting the date. We loved it, and so did my parents. It had everything we were looking for in terms of it not being a run-of-the-mill venue; it's the kind of place that I can see our guests having a really great experience at, from the moment they walk out on the lawn for the ceremony, to the minute they enjoy their last dance in the tent or drink on the terrace.

Les and I both feel so lucky to be getting married here. I can't wait to walk down the steps of Misselwood with my dad toward my very favorite person... who will be waiting for me right next to the sea!

photos by Kelly Dillon Photography


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