Weekend in the Adirondacks

Last weekend, Les and I spent a few days on Fourth Lake near Old Forge, NY in the Adirondack Park. His family has been renting a cottage there for years, and I've been lucky enough to go the past seven-or-so summers with them! We always coincide our trip with the Utica Boilermaker-- a 15K in the city where Les's dad grew up. Several members of Les's family run, and it culminates at the FX Matt Brewing Company where there is essentially a huge beer and dance party with a live concert. So we arrived at the house Saturday afternoon, unpacked, got settled in, and then got up early the next morning to drive 45 minutes or so to Utica for the race.

We're not sure who the guy in the background is, or what decade he thinks we're living in that bunny ears are still funny, but if anyone can successfully photo shop him out the Kernan clan would be grateful!

After the race, we visited with some of Les's relatives from the area and then headed back to the house on Fourth Lake for a relaxing evening of dinner, reading, and card games. And some quality time on the dock, too.

The next day, the weather was so perfect, and we rented a pontoon boat to cruise around the lake and just enjoy time out on the water.

Clearly we were having a terrible time. :) That night, we went across the street to dinner at the Red Dog Tavern. I shared what I wore earlier this week.

On Tuesday before heading out, we took a few group shots and headed into Old Forge to walk around and grab a bit to eat before hitting the road.

Another fun year on Fourth Lake in the books!


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