WFH but Make it Cute

Like most, I've been working from home at least a few days a week for months now. Les is doing the same and he's set up in our second bedroom/office, so I took over our kitchen table. It's proven to actually be a nice work space, but I decided to add a few things to my desk to help me stay organized and to brighten up my space!

By now my obsession with all things Rifle Paper Co. is probably pretty evident, so it's no surprise that's who I'm showcasing today. Who else LOVES getting a new planner? Especially with the way 2020 has been going, I couldn't wait to start looking towards next year and working on my 2021 calendar. I love that this planner spans 17 months— August 2020 to December 2021— so I can already start using it.

It has both layouts that I always look for: a section of monthly views and then weekly pages with lined sections for each day. The way I like to use my daily set-up is by putting my to-do list in the left column of any given day (and using the checkboxes when I've completed a task), and then in the right column I use the lines as timestamps for meetings or appointments. There are eight lines in the column, so they represent 9am through 4pm, or the span of time when I would normally have scheduled things during my workday. I made a little mock-up here to show you what I mean!

P.S. my floral pen is here! I also love the two sheets of stickers that came with the planner and I've been using those on the monthly pages to mark birthdays and wedding related festivities like my bridal shower and bachelorette! You can tell by the sticker sheet that I've already used a bunch.

In addition to the planner, I also picked up a magazine holder for the pile of papers I've accumulated on my home desk, as well as a pack of file folders to organize my notes. The other thing I happened to grab when I was placing this order was a box of assorted greeting and notecards. Especially during the pandemic when I haven't been in any sort of stores as often as I used to be, I keep finding myself running behind when ordering greeting cards online. So now I'll have these beauties on hand!

And, how cute are these two porcelain dishes? The rectangle tray is for things like paperclips and post-its— little essentials that I keep on my desk, and the circular one is actually a ring dish for my dresser.

The last thing I wanted to share, though not Rifle Paper Co., is this portable & expandable file box I bought from Staples. Because I work a few days in my office and a few days at home, I have ended up needing to bring paperwork back and forth with me.

I went to Staples in search of a solution but didn't think I'd find something so fashionable, hah! I have already received compliments on what looks like a small briefcase. This has made my life a lot easier, and it doesn't look half bad! It's currently sold out online, but check to see if it's stock in your local store for pick-up.

I'm a firm believer that you have to enjoy the space you're working in in order to be productive, so why not spruce it up with some florals and fun organization? I think it's enough to make anyone more motivated to tackle the work week!


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