What I'm Wearing Weekly #1

Putting outfits together is one of my favorite things to do, and I take pictures whenever I put something new together so I can remember to wear it again. I had always thought about another place to share them (such as a blog), and it turns out that getting engaged and starting to plan a wedding gave me the perfect excuse (let's be real, the extra motivation) I needed to finally start one. So, in addition to sharing all-things-wedding, I'm also psyched to share some pieces that I'm loving and wearing. I'm going to aim for a weekly post highlighting an outfit or two, and this first post is what I wore in Boston for brunch this past Sunday!

Sunglasses: Warby Parker | Backpack: Tory Burch (sold out, similar here and here) | Coat: J. Crew (sold out, similar here) | Top: Lulus | Jeans: J. Crew | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger (check your local Macy's Backstage for a better price!)

Les and I were meeting up with his cousin and her boyfriend--who happened to be in Boston for some sightseeing-- as well as his sister and her husband for brunch on Newbury street. As an added bonus, my sister Kelly decided to join as well since she had been wanting to go into Boston for a few things.

I can't help but laugh that my first fashion-related post is happening during what is, in my opinion, the hardest season to dress for-- at least in New England. This transitional weather is NUTS. Even though it's technically spring, the weather still bounces between close to 60 degrees (Sunday) to 40 degrees (today). I knew that it would be sunny and warm at the tail end of our afternoon on Newbury, but also that if any clouds came in I'd be cold. The solution was to give my holiday red coat one last wear before I put it away for the season, paired with a top from Lulu's that I think is party in the front AND party in the back!

I also knew that we would be doing a decent amount of walking after brunch to hit a few places in the city before heading home. Enter the PERFECT purchase that I just made the day before. Has anyone ever heard of Macy's Backstage? Is it new? Or have I just been missing out on this forever? Kelly and I went to the mall Saturday night to pick up a dress my mom had ordered (shopping is very limited on the coast of Maine where she lives). We were wandering around the dress department reminiscing about our prom days when all of a sudden (and I mean that seriously) we wandered under this big archway labeled "Macy's Backstage." It was like we had walked into a TJ Maxx, except it was inside of Macy's, which is inside of a mall. I wish I took pictures but I was too mesmerized.

Our awe must have been pretty obvious because a sales associate came over and asked us if we knew where we were. We did not. She explained that Macy's Backstage is Macy's outlet store, where they have on-trend pieces at great prices. We didn't spend too much time digging through everything because this was kind of an in-and-out mall trip, but I did take a peak at the size 6 1/2 shoe section. That's where I found these 29.99 (!!) Tommy Hilfiger slip-on sneakers that I couldn't pass up.

They ended up being perfect for walking around Boston the next day, and I think they're going to go with a lot. Kelly was really apprehensive about me wearing new shoes without breaking them in, and we made a bet on whether or not I'd get blisters. I could tell by the way they fit that they were going to be fine (and I wore them with no-show socks). So, long story short, and as a perfect end to the day, I won a Georgetown Cupcake out of our wager. I'd call that a success!


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