What I'm Wearing Weekly #25

Jacket: Barbour from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (sold out, similar here) | Blazer: J. Crew Factory | Jeans: J. Crew | Booties: Blondo from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (sold out, similar here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses: Warby Parker (discontinued, similar here)

It's been a long time since I've done a 'What I'm Wearing Weekly,' which is a shame because I used to do one per week when I first started blogging at the end of March 2019! Truthfully there's a few reasons for this... 1) sometimes outfits seem a lot less exciting and not as worth sharing in the winter (everything is usually covered up by my giant black puffer jacket) and 2) I've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus (hello, wedding budget). But this past Sunday, a new blazer from J. Crew — that I first spotted on my sister — and some unseasonably warm weather gave me an excuse to get some shots.

This day, actually, was in the high 40s, but it was book-ended by weather in the teens and a snow storm the day before, and low teens the day after. It was the perfect day to head into Boston to walk around the seaport, which is where Les dragged me to on Sunday to attend the New England Auto Show.

I say dragged, but I was actually very happy to go with him, and I didn't complain once about how long it took him to look at each 2020 Ford truck model... :) This was in large part due to the fact that I treated myself (and Les) to some Starbucks on our way there. I’m always really curious what everyone else’s go-to order is! Mine is a tall soy latte with three pumps of sugar-free vanilla. Give me one of these and my morning is off to a great start.

Truth be told, it was cool to see a bunch of new makes and models of this year’s cars, especially since one of these days my Prius will decide it's seen its last New England winter.

As a reward for my patience, Les took us to lunch at City Tap after the show! I had some incredible hummus with pita, and he got a burger with his beloved truffle fries. After lunch, the temperature dropped significantly so we headed home for night two of what turned into an impromptu Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon over our long weekend. We watched the first on Saturday night, the second Sunday, and we started the third Monday night before pausing it to watch the Bachelor (of course) at 8. We both realized that we had never seen the third one... and maybe with good reason? It's incredibly hard to follow, which is such a bummer because the first one is so good! I'm going to have to read the Sparknotes on it somewhere to know exactly what happened in this third movie plot-wise. Also, did you know there are five movies total in the franchise?! We'll see if Les and I can power through.

Anyways, that was our long weekend, paired with a lot of errands and some tidying around the apartment. See you back here for Friday Favorites!


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