What I'm Wearing Weekly #28

Skirt: Nordstrom Rack (wearing in XS) | Denim Jacket: BLANKNYC (wearing in XS) |

Sandals: Tory Burch

Through this whole quarantine, I've gone through some definite cycles in terms of what I've been wearing. When I first started working from home, I was adamant about waking up every morning and getting dressed. Not necessarily in my typical work clothes (I didn't bring any of those to Maine) but at least in a complete outfit. I'd say that lasted about two weeks.

After that, I'll admit I fell more into the habit of staying in my PJs or changing into yoga pants, at best. With the weather warming ever so slightly up here, I'm trying to make an effort to once again feel and dress like myself!

Despite having no where to go besides down to my parent's dock, I threw on this ensemble yesterday morning. I thought I would dress up a little, too, for Cinco de Mayo! Quarantine can't stop an evening of enchiladas and frozen margs at our house.

Right before quarantine, I had done a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack, and picked up a new denim jacket (if you've read a few of my previous posts you know that I had been wearing a jean jacket I've had since Middle School) as well as this easy pull-on skirt in two patterns. It looks like the cheetah from the first photo isn't available online (sorry all you cool cats and kittens), but the camo is still fully stocked, as are three other patterns!

Side-note, the above photo was right before Les said "why don't you pose with your friend there..."

Oh hey! Didn't see you there. I have so many memories of hunting for horshoe crabs on the beaches in Connecticut growing up. Les had never seen (or heard of) them before he met me, so I remember being really excited to take him to the beach the first summer he came home with me.

Sidenote, actually, about our first summer dating and his first summer in Connecticut with me (because who doesn't have time right now for a long side-note); The first summer after college I went home with Les for about two weeks during our birthdays in June. The plan was for me to then fly home to Connecticut. But, I hadn't been on plane at that point in years, and as a claustrophobic I was a little weary of it. One night while we were still in upstate New York, I woke up in a full-on panic attack. I knew I couldn't get on that plane. So I forfeited my ticket and Les drove me the full 6 hours home instead, and stayed a few days in Connecticut with me. He had been home with me for Christmas before that, but this was the first summer trip we made and that's when I took him to the beach to see horshoe crabs! See? The story comes full circle.

He took the above picture that day, and he's been Instagram-husbanding ever since! Except now we have portrait mode:

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.


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