What I'm Wearing Weekly #33

Maine: where dinner on the beach means jeans and a jacket, even in June. This might have been one of Les's favorite evenings we had while staying with my parents. He and I took his truck out to a beach called Stover's Cove. It's sort of a secret spot and you have to drive through some winding roads and neighborhoods to get there, but once you do you can drive right out on the sand! Note the tire tracks by my feet. And, it's actually the beach we were trying to sail to when we got fogged-out on my birthday!

Les and I picked up some takeoutspecifically a clam roll for him and chicken finger sub for me and the three of us (including Nestlie of course) made our way to the cove. We set up our beach chairs and watched the tide going out and the sun starting to go down.

Being in Maine felt like an extended vacation; even on weeknights when we were done working, Les and I would cook dinner and watch a movie with my parents. And on the weekends, there was always an adventure— whether it be a hidden beach like this, or just an evening down by the fire pit. But, Les and I are officially back in our own place on the North Shore in Mass. and slowly unpacking all of the things we somehow managed to bring with us. We'll be getting back in the swing of things here, while also dreaming about when we can head back North to Vacationland!

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Sunglasses: Warby Parker (discontinued, similar here) Jacket: Nordstrom Rack (almost sold out, similar here & here) Short sleeve Button-up: Lulu's Bag: Etsy Jeans: J. Crew

Sandals: Tory Burch


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