What I'm Wearing Weekly #34

If you saw my Instagram stories this week, you'll know that I have been PSYCHED to be working from outside on our patio when I can. Having an outdoor space is one of the biggest reasons that Les and I chose the building we live in now, and why we moved out of our first apartment on the North Shore after only one year. Especially now that we're both working from (and primarily staying) home, it's really nice to be able to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

I'm really excited, too, that we've got a new bistro set on its way to us so that we can dine outside, and some new cushions because the ones we had previously on the back of the couch pretty much disintegrated after one season of use. I'm hoping to share all of our patio updates in a later post!

In other news, a random but fun fact about me is that I used to LIVE in overalls when I was little. Seriously. Ask my mom. I'm not positive, but I think it might have stemmed from how utterly cool I thought Hilary Duff looked in her red overalls in the movie Casper Meets Wendy. I distinctly remember having at least four sets of long overalls for the fall and winter, including a green corduroy pair. The sad part is I don't think I ever found a red pair a la Wendy, but I suppose it's not too late...

For now, I love that the denim overall trend is back! I picked up this dress on sale at American Eagle just before it sold out, and you know what's funny? I'm not even sure I knew it was a dress when I bought it; i thought it was shorts, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came in! Anyways, there are tons of similar options out there (I'm especially loving this one at Target for less than $30). While I'm going to try to keep my collection at a minimum and resist indulging in my elementary school obsession, I am searching for a similar style in white denim but I haven't found the perfect one yet. If you have a recommendation, let me know! How cute would that be for my bachelorette next summer, too? Hilary Duff, if you're reading this, thanks for being such a late 90s style icon.

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