What I'm Wearing Weekly #44

Hello, hello! Happy almost end of January. How crazy is that? This time last year I was shopping for bridesmaids dresses with my sister, but somehow that still feels like it was yesterday. Time is moving in such a strange way these days. I took the end of December and first part of this month off from the blognot really on purpose but I had some time off from work, too, and I more or less went into hibernation mode. In fact I don't think Les and I have seen any one else (besides our grocery pickup person and a few Uber Eats drivers) since Christmas! Wild. So, needless to say I haven't been the picture of fashion lately, nor have I been doing much shopping. But, I did want to hop on to showcase one of my most favorite pieces in my closet, which also happened to be a Christmas gift from Les!

Les actually bought me my first Barbour jacket the very first Christmas we were dating... ten years ago! It was the classic olive green Bedale style and I LOVED it. It was perfect for fall in Boston and I wore it all around campus during college. But, seeing as that was ten years ago and I'm not quite the same size I was as an 18 year old, it became a bit snug on me. So this Christmas, Les made my Barbour dreams come true again with the more feminine & fitted Beadnell style (Orvis / Tuckernuck/ Bloomingdales) and I couldn't be happier.

The classic tartan interior and neutral colors that this coat comes in truly make it an every day piece. One thing I did this time around was buy the quilted Betty liner for my jacket. It's a vest that zips right into it, making it even warmer so that I can wear it into winter, too. And then when spring comes, I can zip it right back out! Plus I can wear the quilted liner as a stand-alone vest, too.

A few things to note about Barbour jackets: the first is to size up! Barbour tends to run snug, especially in the shoulders and chest. Plus, you'll want to be able to layer underneath, either with a warm sweater, pullover, or a liner. Even if the sleeves are a little long on you, you can roll them up to reveal the tartan interior which adds a nice touch! Another note... Barbour zippers are a struggle. On my original jacket, my new one, and Les's waxed Barbour jacket alike... they're all tricky.

I laughed during a scene in the latest season of The Crown when Princess Anne was struggling to zip her jacket while having a tense conversation with her father; Prince Philip tried to help her but she shrugged him off. It was actually very characteristic of these classic British coats! Anyways, all of that is to say if you buy a Barbour jacket and think you got a dud zipper, you didn't. The more you use it and wear it in the smoother it will get.

Lastly, the waxing. Barbour is perhaps most well-known for their waxed jackets, which are ideal for wet and windy weather. There's really nothing tricky to maintaining them, you just have to have it re-waxed about once a year. You can bring it in to a Barbour or Orvis store, or buy the wax and tend to it yourself when needed. You essentially end up with a jacket that feels brand new, which is why they're known for their durability and why they're worth the investment.

A truly beautiful piece from one of my favorite brands. Even Nestlie approves... check out the signature Barbour tartan on her collar!

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