What I'm Wearing Weekly #6

Dress: Banana Republic Factory | Bag: Tory Burch | Shoes: Tory Burch

Happy Wednesday, and happy May! This has been a weird week with a lot of highs and lows. But, there's nothing like a great dress to pull me out of a funk! My favorite thing about it is the print. It's super tiny but when you see it, it's so cute! Scroll down for a close up...

Elephants!! I'm so exited that wrap dresses have seemed to come (back?) on to the scene for good. They're so comfortable and flattering, and in my opinion they always make a person look put together. I picked this one up at Banana Republic Factory when Les and I were at the Assembly Row outlets in Somerville over the weekend. I didn't even try it on because it was a great price and I could tell I was going to love it (and also because the dressing room line was super long and Les would have left me).

The bag is Tory Burch (is anyone surprised?) and it's pretty old as you can tell by the scuff marks in the corners, but it's still available! Even though it's technically the "mini" version of the Ella Tote, it's still a great size in my opinion. It fits my wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, a notebook, and umbrella. I love that it's nylon, too, because I never worry about it getting ruined when I carry it in the rain.

I would recommend, though, getting the non-patent version because you might be able to avoid the marks that mine has! This same Ella tote is in all sorts of new prints and patterns for this spring, and I would definitely snag one of each if that was a normal thing for a person to do. :)

Thank goodness it's starting to warm up, finally, but we've had a bit too much rain for my liking recently. Can everyone collectively cross their fingers for sun on Kelly's shower day, and our engagement photos next week? Thanks, friends. :)


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