What I'm Wearing Weekly: Easter Quarantine Edition

Needless to say, Easter didn't go as planned for anyone this year, I'm sure. My parent's house in Maine was supposed to be filled with family— my sister and her husband, my dad's side, Les's parents, and my sister's in-laws. Instead, it was just the same four musketeers who have been hunkered down together for one month (!!) as of this Friday; my parents, Les, and I.

So while we didn't have a full-house, we still had a great day, and lucked out with the perfect weather. I woke up Easter morning and went for a run, and then came home to spend time lounging around with a puzzle and some games. We had a Zoom call in the afternoon with Les's parents and sisters, and then we sat down for Easter dinner.

We couldn't manage to get a ham or the usual ingredients we would use to prepare a holiday meal, so instead we decided to support a local eatery and order four Easter entrees for pick-up. Les and I drove into town on Saturday to grab the food, and then we were able to just heat everything up Sunday evening; we had two orders of ham, scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots, and asparagus, and two orders of lobster artichoke fettuccini. Plus, some healthy-sized slices of carrot cake! It was the perfect solution.

After dinner, we hopped on Zoom with my dad's whole side of the family and caught up with them for a while. It was nice to check in with my grandparents, especially!

As far as what I wore, I really didn't pack any warmer-weather outfits (or those fit for any sort of occasion, for that matter), but when we went to check on our apartment last weekend I did grab a Target package that had been delivered when we were gone. I opened it up back in Maine and it had this white, puff-sleeve denim dress that I had forgotten I even ordered; the perfect surprise and make-shift Easter outfit! I paired it with my Rothy's (mainly because the only other shoes I brought with me to Maine were sneakers and Uggs) and voila!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend whether you were near or far from family. Here's to brighter times ahead.


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